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Trend Micro™


A set-and-forget suite of solutions, featuring comprehensive protection to stop threats.

Worry-Free Services Suites

As cybercriminals have become more adept at bypassing traditional cybersecurity defenses, the rise of endpoint detection and response (EDR) has proven to be an important tool to seek out and eliminate advanced threats. But, while EDR is a good first step, it only focuses on endpoints. 
Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Services is a suite of security solutions designed to match the needs of your organization. Using a blend of advanced threat protection techniques, Worry-Free Services eliminate security gaps across any user activity throughout the endpoint and beyond. 


Easy to Manage 

Alleviates overstretched IT teams

Provides cloud-based protection with automatic updates

Simplifies tasks with an optimized user interface


Comprehensively Secure

Protects against ransomware,

AI-powered threat recognition with XDR/MDR, and cloud-based

all-in-one endpoint protection.


Industry Leading

2021 Gartner Leader in Endpoint Protection, 2021 Forrester Leader in Endpoint Security SaaS, 2020 Forrester Leader in Detection and Response.

Trend Micro™ Worry-Free Options

Worry-Free Services

Most small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) lack a dedicated security team and resource which 
leads to overworked IT teams. Worry-Free Services helps lessen the workload by providing an all-in-one 
lightweight agent with an intuitive cloud-based console that gives you in-depth visibility and control 
across your entire organization.


Advanced protection, safeguards your sensitive data, stops malicious software with application control, simplifies set-up and management.


Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Services Advanced

Worry-Free Advanced: Cloud protection for business devices, preventing email threats, including spear phishing and targeted attacks.


Complete email and collaboration protection. Trend Micro™ Email Security: Cloud gateway for on-premises email.

API-based protection for Office 365 and Gmail. Advanced threat and data protection for Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace™, and collaboration tools such as Dropbox™ and Box™. Proven email protection uncovers ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), credential phishing, and advanced targeted attacks.


Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ XDR

Despite advanced protection, no organization is immune to cyber threats. With no 100% prevention, the focus is swift detection and response to avoid serious risks. Worry-Free XDR aids in effective discovery and response to targeted attacks by correlating endpoint and email threat data, clarifying the source and spread of advanced attacks.


Combining Worry-Free Services Advanced, Trend Micro™ Email Security Advanced, and Endpoint Sensor for automated detection and response. Features include data correlation, root-cause analysis, cloud sandboxing, and unified management for MSPs.


Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ with Co-Managed XDR (for MSPs)

Co-Managed XDR by Trend Micro and MSPs enhances security for customers, alleviating MSPs, and boosting offerings without significant time and cost.


Worry-Free XDR offers holistic threat visibility, adding co-managed services for MSPs, including 24/7 experts,

cross-customer and cross-partner analysis, incident response, and a monthly executive summary report detailing detected and mitigated incidents and threats.

Worry-Free Services


User Month

  • One User license can be used in 1 Laptop or Desktop (Windows/MAC) device and 2 Mobile/Tablet (Android/IOS) devices.

  • Alternatively, 1 User license can be used for a server.

Worry-Free Services



Advanced Protection

Safeguards your Sensitive Data

Stops Malicious Software with Application Control

Simplifies Set-Up and Management

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Worry-Free Services Solutions


Worry-Free Services
Worry-Free Services Advanced
Worry-Free XDR
Worry-Free with Co-Managed XDR*

Endpoint Security

Web Security

Web reputation and URL filtering

Mobile Security and Management

iOS and Android support

Email and Collaboration Security

Cloud email gateway with DLP
API-based Microsoft 365/G Suite protection
Cloud sandboxing
BEC and credential phishing protection
File password extraction
Log search window
Message size limit
Email continuity
Box & Dropbox protection

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Correlates data automatically across email and endpoint in one console
Automated detection, sweeping, hunting, and root cause analysis
Advanced threat detection through cloud sandboxing
Cross-customer detection, investigation, and response. (For MSPs only: Do it yourself through Trend Micro™ Remote Manager)

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Detection: 24/7 critical alerting and monitoring, IoC sweeping
Investigation: Incident investigation, root cause analysis
Investigation: Cross customer analysis for your customer base
Response: Recommendations or authorized actions, monthly report

* For MSPS only

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