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Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

100 Assets


Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

500 Assets



  • Enabling Alarm Monitoring Rules

  • Collection of Relevant Logs from Systems

  • Sending Critical Alarm Through Email

  • ​The Option to Select Up to 100 and 500 Assets (Laptops,Servers, Cloud Instances ETC)

What are the SOC Services?

Security event management encompasses the following activities with the aim of establishing the necessary mechanism for managing security events, ensuring its effective operation, conducting controls, and providing notifications and investigations in critical security events.


Security Event Management Service Scope



Activity Enabling  Alarm Monitoring Rules  

This service involves the creation of alerts based on correlation rules defined in the SIEM system and their monitoring.

Activity Collection of Relevant Logs from Systems 

It involves the gathering of logs generated in various systems of an organization by the SIEM software.


Activity Sending Critical Alarms Through Email 

It enables integration with an email to ensure that critical alerts generated by the SIEM system are quickly seen by relevant personnel. 

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