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Graylog  Services


Graylog Service Packages are designed to help our customers who would like to get their environment ready for production use

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Basic Configuration

After first installation we can help you to configure Graylog for production use. Creation of right indices,  configuration of alerts, integration with active directory. Installing Enterprise Licenses are within the scope of this service. We can help you with all actions in Graylog Administration menu

Data Filtering and Enrichment

Whenever you need to filter your data or enrich it with the external sources , we can help you to do it. Our experts are ready to help you for configuring Graylog pipelines and integrating with external feeds, or lookup tables such as OTX, Geolocation etc.

Alerting and Monitoring

Alerts are very beneficial when you want to get warned about edge conditions, about threats or som functional problems in your application logs. Graylog alerting is a very detailed and extensive tool for this purpose where we can help you to create alerts for your environment.

Parser Development

Do you need help while creating custom Graylog data parsers for your environment? We are here to help you create, and install log parsers of your need. 

Custom Dashboard Development

Dashboards are critical for visibility and observing your business. If you don't know how to create Graylog Dashboards or you don't ave resources- let us know! We will help you with it!


Do you want o integrate your Graylog with your own environment? Our team is here to help you for integrating tools such as APM, software monitoring or business reporting.

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