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AI API Data Leakage  Protection and Cost Management

Apire ensures the fastest, secure data sharing with ChatGPT, Bard, etc. Focus on developing your application; we handle data protection, AI consumption costs, and secure control of AI APIs.




AI API Data Deep Inspection

Monitor AI API usage, prevent leaks of PII, and safeguard company and customer data.


Visualize Critical Data Flow

Visualize API flow, detect with rules/templates, display real-time data exposure to prevent breaches.


Dynamic Data Protection

Prevent leaks with adaptable rules, manually or AI-generated, by monitoring past activities and data.


Manage AI API Consumption

Manage AI API costs by setting limits, pausing calls, and applying customized pricing templates for clients.


Ensure Cost Visibility

See how much is each customer's or apps consumption in real time and create alerts for it.


Easy Deploy

Choose Apire API for control or opt for zero-touch deployment with instant transition, no development.

Built by Experts, AI API Protection

Apire allows you to prioritize application development. We take care of data protection, AI consumption cost management, and ensure the security and control of Artificial Intelligence APIs, empowering you to concentrate on application innovation without distractions.

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