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Endpoint Security

Bitdefender Endpoint Security with Nspect.IO offers advanced protection for laptops, servers, ensuring consistent defense, enriched security posture, and robust features.



Safeguard Your Endpoints with Layered Security

Bitdefender Endpoint Security offers robust multi-layered protection against cyber threats, including real-time threat detection, anti-phishing, and ransomware defense. Simplify security management with its centralized console, ideal for strengthening endpoint security.



Expert-tested, highly effective cyber security solution by our dedicated team


Provides all mandatory cyber threat protection features in a single console

Easy to Use

One of the most easiest to install and manage among the other security solutions


Cloud email, Office 365, Gmail ATP, patches, disk encryption, and more

Right Solution for Your Enterprise

  • Bitdefender Core 5

    Every month
    Bitdefender Endpoint Security Core for 5 Endpoints
    • Antivirus
    • Web Threat Protection
    • Ransomware Protection
    • Firewall
    • Behaviour Monitoring
    • Anti Exploit
    • Network Attack Defense
    • Content Control
    • Device Control
    • 5 Endpoints License
  • Bitdefender ATS 5

    Every month
    Bitdefender Core + Advanced Threat Security for 5 Endpoints
    • Includes ALL Bitdefender Core Features
    • Machine Learning Detection for Advanced Threat(Hyper Detect)
    • Cloud Analysis for Suspicious Files(Sandbox Analyzer)
    • File-less Attack Protection
    • 5 Endpoints License
  • Bitdefender EDR 5

    Every month
    Bitdefender Core+ATS+EDR for 5 Endpoints
    • Includes ALL Bitdefender ATS Features
    • Advanced Attack Detection and Automated Response
    • Advanced (MITRE) Tactics Detections
    • Reduce Organization Risk
    • Minimize Operational Burden
    • 5 Endpoints License
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About Subscription Plans

Bitdefender Endpoint Security Core is a multilayered security solution leveraging an extensive set of systems hardening, threat prevention, detection technologies, machine learning and behavioral analysis to provide advanced attack protection. 


Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security brings new defense layer in the pre-execution phase and features local machine learning models and advanced heuristics trained to spot hacking tools, exploits, and malware obfuscation techniques to block sophisticated threats before execution. It also detects delivery techniques and sites that host exploit kits and blocks suspicious web traffic.

Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Response monitors your network to uncover suspicious activity early and provides the tools you need to fight off cyber-attacks. By integrating Bitdefender’s award-winning machine-learning, cloud-scanning and sandbox analyzer it can detect activity that evades traditional endpoint prevention mechanisms. It provides full visibility on the techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) being used in active attacks while providing comprehensive search capabilities for specific indicators of compromise(IoCs), MITRE ATT&CK techniques, and other artifacts to discover early-stage attacks.

Bitdefender Offers


Integrated Human and Endpoint Risk Analytics

Assess risks, prioritize, detect user actions, strengthen security


Layered Defense

AI, behavior analysis, sand boxing, hardening: robust defense against advanced threats


Modern, Next-gen Prevention and Detection with Automatic 

Prevention, detection, response: stop advanced threats, block damage


Advanced Prevention Capabilities

GravityZone Ultra: Advanced prevention, EDR counters attackers with analysis


eXtended Endpoint Detection and Response (XEDR)

EXtended EDR applies XDR for elevated cross-endpoint threat detection


Bitdefender Network Attack Defense

Innovative layer thwarts attacks, triggers EDR, vital for correlations

Layered Protection

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