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Network Penetration Testing Service

NSPECT.IO specializes in essential network penetration testing, simulating cyberattacks to identify weak points in architecture, enhancing security posture, and mitigating risks for businesses against evolving cyber threats.


Tailored for Your Needs
Customizing Network Penetration Testing for Maximum Results

Network penetration testing is a service that simulates a cyber-attack on a computer network to identify any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors to your NETWORK. NSPECT.IO pentest team uses best practices and frameworks to conduct the testing process in several phases: 

  • Reconnaissance: Gather information about the target network and systems 

  • Discovery and Enumeration: Detect open ports on active systems and identify the names and versions of services running on them 

  • Vulnerability Detection: Scan known open ports using vulnerability scanning tools and perform manual analysis of weaknesses in the services 

  • Exploitation: Attempt to exploit any weaknesses found in the previous phase 

  • Reporting: Compile and present a report on the findings and recommendations for improving security. 


Our Solutions

Penetration Testing Services

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First Step Reconnaissance

The initial stage of network penetration is known as reconnaissance. In this phase, NSPECT.IO gathers crucial information about the target network, helping to identify active systems and services using tools such as nmap. 


Second Step Discovery and Enumeration Phase

In this phase, NSPECT.IO gathers target network data, identifies active systems/services with tools like nmap, and aids in their further discovery/enumeration.


Third Step Vulnerability Assesment

NSPECT.IO scans for vulnerabilities, including open ports, using techniques like Metasploit for more effective assessments and attack points.


Fourth Step Exploitation

NSPECT.IO tests vulnerabilities by attempting unauthorized network access. Methods include exploiting system vulnerabilities and using social engineering tactics to gain access. 


Fifth Step Reporting

NSPECT.IO generates detailed reports on vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and security improvements, including executive summaries and recommendations.


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