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Effortlessly collect logs, accelerate analysis, get timely insights. Tailored for NSPECT.IO, comprehensive solution designed for your unique log management and analysis needs.


Rapid Threat Hunting

Hunt malware, hacks, phishing with Graylog's integrated search, workflow


Comprehensive Incident Investigation

Graylog detects breaches, offers real-time insights, empowers risk mitigation


Extensive SIEM Capabilities

Graylog enhances security, visualizes alerts, streamlines incident management


See More

Visualize metrics, trends, and analyze data for immediate insights


Identify Malicious Activity

Find threats in diverse data sources, enhance security posture


Know the Impact

Trace incidents, enhance logs with diverse data for insights

Right Solution for Your Enterprise

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What is Log Ingestion?

Graylog Meets NSPECT.IO

Unparalleled log management and essential SIEM capabilities 

Graylog emerges as the ultimate hub for meticulous log management and insightful analysis, meeting the exact requirements of security and software teams. Packed with indispensable functionalities and beyond, Graylog offers a seamless environment for businesses seeking rapid response times, an indispensable asset for security, software, and compliance teams reliant on effective log collection and analysis. 

  • Graylog NSPECT Small

    Every month
    State Of the Art Log and SIEM
     7 day free trial
    • 120 GB Log Space
    • 10 Global Datacenter Locations
    • Basic SIEM Correlations
    • Open Source License
    • 5.000+ Graylog NSPECT Platform-Specific Log Parsers
    • Addon : Custom Dashboards
    • Addon : Backup Service
    • Addon : Graylog Operations License

Our Solutions

Graylog Services

Graylog Datasheet

Graylog Operations License uprade will enable additional features on Graylog Open:

  • Platform Support

  • Powerful Anomaly Detection ML/AI and event correlation engine

  • Customizable alerts and notifications

  • Security analytics and data visualization

  • Integrated threat intel and geo IP feeds and lookups 

  • Proactive threat hunting

  • Compliance archiving and reporting

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