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Marketing an Promotions Privacy Notice GDPR-Privacy Notice

1. Purpose

This policy has been created by to ensure the "Double Opt-In" confirmation of users subscribing to services provided by This policy is designed to confirm user subscription requests and help keep their information secure.

2. What is Double Opt-In?

"Double Opt-In" refers to a process where users are required to confirm their email subscription. This prevents the accidental or unauthorized use of a user's email address.

3. Subscription Process

Users can subscribe by filling out the subscription form on the website or other communication channels.

Users will receive a confirmation email asking them to confirm their subscription request.

Users complete their subscription by following the instructions in the confirmation email.

4. Consent and Data Security is committed to keeping the contact information of users confidential and places a strong emphasis on the protection of personal data. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

5. Opting for Marketing Communications

If users wish to receive marketing communications from, a separate consent is required. This means that users need to specifically check the "Marketing Consent" box if they wish to receive marketing communications.

6. Right to Withdraw Consent

Users have the right to stop receiving marketing communications at any time. Users who do not wish to receive marketing communications can do so by using the "Unsubscribe" link found at the bottom of the communication.

7. Recording of Consents records which type of communication each user has consented to receive and which type they have declined. These records are kept for verification and auditing purposes as needed.

8. Objective

This policy has been created by to provide "Double Opt-In" consent for users subscribing to services provided by This policy is designed to provide the framework for approving user subscription requests, protecting user data, and sending marketing communications. The main objectives of this policy are the following:

  • To approve user subscriptions to maintain a secure and accurate user database.

  • Protect user data by requiring explicit consent for marketing communications.

  • Comply with applicable data protection regulations and privacy laws.

  • Ensuring transparency in the data collection process.

9. Types of Personal Data may collect and process the following types of personal data when users subscribe:

  • Contact Information:

  • Contact information (e.g., phone number, email address, delivery address)

  • • Member id (if applicable)

  • • IP address

  • • user-generated data (egpurchase, click and browsing history).

  • Marketing Preferences: Whether users wish to receive marketing communications.

  • Subscription Consent Records: Records of user consents and contact preferences.

Technology Partners

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