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Bundle Web Application Penetration Testing Services

Bundled Web Application Pentest Service with predefined scope is designed to test internet exposure of your web application and comply against OWASP, PCI DSS . When your Website/Web application is not comprehensive this is an ideal option.

Our bundle web application penetration testing service provides a one-stop solution so that you can confidently and securely operate your web applications. Our service involves testing both the design and implementation of your website or web application, assessing if it is vulnerable to any known or unknown exploits, provide an in-depth analysis of its security posture, detect any code vulnerabilities and secure your customer data. With our bundled services you can rest assured that your website or web application will be free from exploitation.
- Services includes black box vulnerability scanning tests such as OWASP top 10 vulnerability assessment using automated scanner tools validating the effectiveness of existing security controls
- Manual security review based on industry recognised standards (OWASP, PCI DSS etc)
- Best practice checks across authentication, authorisation and access control processes
- Source code review to identify any serious weaknesses within the source code
- Actionable reports that provide immediate recommendations for remediation of any identified vulnerabilities are deliverables post completion of our test cycles
- Your website/web application gets certified against internationally accepted standards such as OWASP and PCI DSS compliance
- A comprehensive report which indicates a complete picture about weaknesses within customer facing internet infrastructures.

Service Scope

Single(1) Web Application Penetration Testing INTERNET Facing Application (For Intranet Facing Applications or more customized service with additional requirements please select Custom Web Application Penetration Testing Services) 

  • 1 Login page 

  • 20 Static Web Pages 

  • 5 Dynamic Web Pages 

  • Content Management System (Joomla, Drupal,Wordpress etc.) Reporting

Available Test Types


DDOS Testing

100 Mbit/sec, 500 Mbit/Sec, 1000 Mbit/Sec
Note: DOS(Non-DDoS) vulnerabilities are tested during the service delivery in scope.

Pricing Information

Price is valid only for the scope mentioned above. Any Addon services such as DDOS Services and additional pages, applications, networks, mobile applications are subject to additional pricing. 

You can buy more than one  Bundle Web Application Penetration Testing Services to meet desired penetration testing requirements OR request a custom quote by onboarding to Custom Web Application Penetration Testing Services

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