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Startup Bundle Set


  • Bitdefender Endpoint Security Core

  • Elastic SIEM

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Service 100 Assets

Enhance Your Security

Choose Advanced Solutions with Our Comprehensive Package


By opting for this package to access and leverage advanced security solutions and you ensure a heightened level of security for your information. The comprehensive nature of the package implies that it covers a wide security measures to protect against various.

Package Product Features

Secure Your Laptops and Servers

Bitdefender Endpoint Security Core​

Antivirus, Web Threat, Ransomware, Firewall, Behavior, Anti Exploit, Network Defense, Control.

Observe Threats

Elastic SIEM

RT Threat Detection, Incident Response, Compliance Management, Ease of Use

Manage Your Security

Security Operations Center (SOC) Services 100 Assets

Enabling Alarm Rules, Collection of Relevant Logs from Systems, Emailing Critical Alarms


Bitdefender Endpoint Security Core


Every month

is a multilayered security solution leveraging an extensive set of systems hardening, threat prevention, detection technologies, machine learning and behavioral analysis to provide advanced attack protection. 


Elastic SIEM

In the ever-changing threat landscape, a strong SIEM solution is crucial for organizations of all sizes. Elastic SIEM provides real-time threat detection, incident response, and compliance management.


Security Operations Center Services
100 Assets


Every month

Security event management includes establishing mechanisms, ensuring effective operations, conducting controls, and providing notifications and investigations for critical security events.

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