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How to Onboard Graylog Enterprise License Pricing Service

Graylog Enterprise License Pricing Service is onboarded with simplest steps that you can follow easily


Add Graylog Enterprise License Pricing Service To Your Chart and Purchase

Go To Marketplace, add to chart and complete the purchase. Process is made for you to start easy and fast possible


Fill Graylog Enterprise License Request Form

After your purchase, you will receive Graylog Enterprise License Request form link to your e mail. Please fill information required and submit


Receive Custom Price Quote From NSPECT.IO Sales Team

As per information you provide in Graylog Enterprise license Request Form , NSCPECT.IO sales team will provide you price quote specific to your license request and send you and e mail containing it.


Approve Price Quote To Start Graylog Enterprise License Generation Process

When you approve Price Quote and complete the payment process, Our team will start license generation process to obtain licenses.


Receive Graylog Enterprise License and Instructions To Deploy It On Your Environment

When our team receives your Graylog Enterprise License, we will provide licenses and instructions to deploy on your system

Let's Work Together

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