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State-of-the-art log and basic SIEM capabilities


Graylog provides the best environment for log management and analysis for security and software teams. 

Graylog provides all necessary functionalities and more to businesses that need log collection and analysis capability with the fast response times required by security, software, and compliance teams.


  • Features: 
  • 120 GB Log Space
  • 11 Global Datacenter Locations
  • 5.000+ Graylog NSPECT Platform-Specific Log Parsers( 100+ Vendors)
  • Open Source



Graylog NSPECT Small

Price Options
Graylog NSPECT
$99.00every week until canceled
  • Graylog Operations License upgrade will enable:

    • Platform Support
    • Search Workflow and Filtering
    • Customizable Alerts and Notifications
    • Event Correlation Engine
    • Out of the Box additional parsing engines
    • Graylog Operations Dashboard
    • Scheduled Reporting

    You can get Graylog Operations License Datasheet from HERE.


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