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PSD2 Pentest Services are required to help you to ensure compliance to EU Regulation

The Second Payment Directive (PSD2) is a significant evolution of existing regulation for the payment industry and payment service providers. It aims to increase competition in an already competitive industry, bring into scope new types of payment service, enhance customer protection and security, and extend the reach of the Directive.

PSD2 Pentest Service helps to assess the security of your organization's systems and networks according to the requirements of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). Our team of experienced security professionals examines potential threats for your business and evaluates the effectiveness of countermeasures. We provide in-depth testing which is tailored to meet your unique needs, including a detailed report on our findings.
- Analyzes current system configurations
- Identifies common weaknesses in secure deployment
- Performs vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
- Provides detailed report on findings
- Gain compliance with the regulations set by PSD2
- Improved security posture against cybercriminals
- Cost effective way to identify vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure
- Peace of mind knowing your systems are more secure

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