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The OWASP FULL is a standard for developers and web application security. It represents all aspects of web application security risks and have the full coverage testing scope according to OWASP best practices

Penetration testing will never be an exact science where a complete list of all possible issues that should be tested can de defined. Indeed penetration is only an appropriate technique to test the security of web applications under certain circumstances. For information about what these circumstances are, and to learn how to build a testing framework and which testing techniques you should consider, we recommend reading the OWASP Testing Framework Part One ( Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems, NIST 800-30 1
describes vulnerabilities in operational, technical and management categories. Penetration testing alone does not really help identify operational and management vulnerabilities. Pentest Compliance OWASP Full is the ultimate web application security solution for developers, IT personnel and entrepreneurs. It provides compliance assurance on both the code and server level with full coverage including a penetration testing and assessment against more than 180 OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) security standards. Using cutting-edge technology, Pentest Compliance OWASP Full conducts both static code analysis to evaluate potential source code vulnerabilities as well as dynamic scans of live web applications to assess the risk of exploitations by malicious actors.
- Static Code Analysis
- Automated Dynamic Scanning
- Pen Testing & Vulnerability Assessment
- Reports & Dashboards
- Ensure your web application and its data are fully secure by assessing any potential vulnerabilities or risks in non-production environments
- Save money and time normally spent on manual pen testing by utilizing automated, comprehensive scanning technology
- Reduce risk of lost data or reputational damage due to exploited weaknesses in web applications or their associated unsecure infrastructure

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