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Custom Network Penetration Testing Services

Custom Network Pentest Pentest Service designed to network risks where you can customize penetration test details, if pentest bundle is not enough for you and you have more requirements than bundle, you can enroll for this service to get a custom quote.

Our custom network pentest services allow you to customize your own penetration test by specifying which compliance standards you want to adhere to, as well as any limitations or additional requirements. We offer a wide range of testing solutions and can cater for all customer needs, ranging from single systems to complex networks. Our team of highly qualified certified pentesters are able to provide detailed reports outlining any weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your system or network.
- Custom technical scan including open ports and banner collects
- Multiple scanning techniques & results review
- Riskiest vulnerabilities assessments
- Finagle web application security assessment
- Fully compliant with PCI DSS certification standards
- Detailed analysis and assessment of risks posed to the network
- Highly skilled experienced pentesting professionals
- Comprehensive reports on identified issues and how to remediate them

Service Scope

Penetration Testing Scope is defined by customer

Available Test Types


Addon Services

DDOS Testing

100 Mbit/sec, 500 Mbit/Sec, 1000 Mbit/Sec
Note: DOS(Non-DDoS) vulnerabilities are tested during the service delivery in scope.

Pricing Information

Price paid is a service fee for preparing custom price quote and cannot be refunded.

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