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Bundle Network Penetration Testing Services

Bundle Network Pentest Service to test your network with predefined scope. If you want to ensure that your network is secure, you can get this service pre-customized for your needs.

With our predefined bundle network penetration testing services, you can confidently verify the security of your company's networks and ensure that their confidentiality, integrity and availability remain uncompromised. Our team of experienced Ethical Hackers will simulate a real-world cyberattack on your system and assess its vulnerabilities in order to provide constructive recommendations which can be applied to improve the security of your systems.
- Remote assessments over the Internet
- Depth Internal Pen Testing
- PCI/DSS Vulnerability Scanning
- Penetration Testing Report
- Gain complete visibility of your current security posture and identify risk areas in your environment before attackers take advantage.
- Assess existing Vulnerability Management processes against industry standard benchmarks such as OWASP or CIS standards.
- Address regulatory requirements like GDPR or PCI DSS with our specialized service packages.
- Benefit from detailed reports which contains remediation advice so can you act upon findings quickly and accurately.

Service Scope

16 (Sixteen) IP Addresses
Layer 4 Testing

Available Test Types


Addon Services

DDOS Testing

100 Mbit/sec, 500 Mbit/Sec, 1000 Mbit/Sec
Note: DOS(Non-DDoS) vulnerabilities are tested during the service delivery in scope.

Pricing Information

Price is valid only for the scope mentioned above. Any Addon services such as DDOS Services and additional pages, applications, networks, mobile applications are subject to additional pricing. 

You can buy more than one  Bundle Network  Penetration Testing Services to meet desired penetration testing requirements OR request a custom quote by onboarding to Custom Network Penetration Testing Services

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