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Graylog Integration Service


Graylog Integration Service provides seamless integration solutions to connect Graylog with various data sources, tools, and platforms, enabling efficient data aggregation, analysis, and monitoring within your environment. 


Graylog Integration Service, provided by NSPECT.IO, is designed to seamlessly integrate your Graylog instance, whether on-premise or in the cloud, with external systems for efficient data transmission and retrieval. This service ensures that your Graylog environment can effectively communicate with other systems, enhancing its capabilities for data management and analysis. 

Service Scope

The service includes the documentation and development of a single integration architecture, incorporating essential code components if needed. 


Pricing Options

Graylog Integration Service

One time proposal fee

The one-time offer fee The price charged for this service is intended to provide price quotes to our customers. Please note that the pricing mentioned here does not apply to the Graylog Integration Service itself. The amount charged to your credit card serves as a service fee to verify the legitimacy of the request and to provide you with a quote for the Graylog Integration Service.



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