Enterprise Penetration Testing Service


Enterprise Penetration Testing Service is designed to ensure that your all infrastructure including ALL IP Addresses and Web Applications  in scope are tested, secured and safe  from  cyber attacks.

Graybox and Whitebox testing also is delivered under this service offering

NSPECT.IO Pentest team will scan your ALL Network, Internal and External IP Addresses and  Web Applications in scope by leveraging  following frameworks:

  • OWASP Testing Guide



  • NIST


Process is executed with the phases against web application:


  1. Reconnaissance:The stage of gathering information about the target network and systems.

  2. Discovery and Enumeration : Open ports on the resulting active systems are detected. The names and operating system versions of existing services on the open ports on the systems are discovered.

  3. Vulnerability Detection: The known open ports of existing services and operating systems in discovered systems are scanned with vulnerability scanning tools. In addition, a manual analysis of weakness is performed on the services.

  4. Exploitation : Exploitation is the stage of exploiting weaknesses for the detected operating system and service versions.

  5. Reporting : Obtained information and documents are converted into a Penetration Testing Report and presented