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PCI DSS Compliance Solutions


A standard to regulate the payment card industry and all companies processing online payment



Control Point 1

Install and Maintain Network Security Controls

Control Point 2

Apply Secure Configurations to All System Components.

Control Point 3

Protect Stored Account Data.

Control Point 4

Protect Cardholder Data with Strong Cryptography During Transmission Over Open, Public Networks.

Control Point 5

Protect All Systems and Networks from Malicious Software.

Control Point 6

Develop and Maintain Secure Systems and Software.

Control Point 7

Restrict Access to System Components and Cardholder Data by Business Need to Know.

Control Point 8

Identify Users and Authenticate Access to System Components.

Control Point 9

Restrict Physical Access to Cardholder Data

Control Point 10

Log and Monitor All Access to System Components and Cardholder Data

Control Point 11

Test Security of Systems and Networks Regularly

Control Point 12

Support Information Security with Organizational Policies and Programs.

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